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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Solaris Operating System - Virtualization Learning Center

Sun provides the full spectrum of technologies needed today to build a virtual enterprise and is on the cutting edge of innovative technologies that will improve Virtualization in the future. Virtualization is another way that Sun provides enterprise-wide solutions, anywhere, anytime. Connecting to required resources and managing them intelligently is Sun's commitment—no matter where they exist, or what technology is necessary to provide them.

New: Virtualization can help accelerate the migration of your Solaris 8 applications to new systems running Solaris 10.

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Virtualization Learning Center

Virtualization Options with Solaris

Watch Sun experts present the Sun Virtualization story spanning Desktop, Servers, and Storage.

Virtualization Options with Solaris

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Online Virtualization Demonstration

Want to understand more about the Virtualization technologies at Sun?

Online Virtualization Demonstration

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Sun's Virtualization Roadmap

Strategy for universal virtualization of business applications, and data management.

How-to Guides

Move Containers How to Move A Solaris Container
Instructs users, system administrators, and developers who have experience with Solaris 10 on proper use of new features which allow a Solaris 10 Container to be moved from one computer to another. Users are guided step-by-step through the process of moving a Container, with code examples and illustrations.

Note: Technology described in this guide is currently available in Solaris Express, and will be available soon in a Solaris 10 update.
containers Consolidating Servers and Applications
Instructs users, system admins, and developers on how to consolidate applications onto a single server. Users are guided through the consolidation process, with code examples and illustrations.
ZFS Managing ZFS in Solaris 10 Containers
Highlights the capabilities of ZFS when coupled with Solaris Containers. After reading this guide, a user will have an understanding of how to delegate a ZFS file system to a container and to manage it from within the container.

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